Download MX Player for MAC (iMac/Macbook Air/Pro)

Download MX Player for MAC

Download MX Player Custom Codec

Download MX Player for MAC (iMac/Macbook Air/Pro)Tag : APK MX Player 2018, MX Player 2018,  MX Player 2018 for MAC, MX Player for MAC, MX Player for iMac, MX Player for Macbook Air, MX Player for Macbook Pro, MX Player for MAC OS X | MX Player for MAC latest.This article will be very helpful for you who want to instal a nice video player, called MX Payer. Especially for MAC. It has been known widely, that MX Player offers so many awesome features, so it has been used and being the best choices for many people. MX Player is compatible only for Android devices. This may be a serious problem for certain people who do not have Android mobile phone. But, there is a breakthrough that can be a solution of this case. You can still download and install it for your Personal Computer and MAC. Here we will go.

Installing MX Player on MAC by using BlueStacks

  • The first thing is you just need to preapare BlueStacks. You can download it on Google Play. BlueStacks is simple aplication, use full for install MX Player on Mac.
  • If you have finished downloading it, just click the install button, and follow the instruction
  • When BlueStacks is installed, just open it.
  • Click search button and find‘MX Player’. May be you will not find any result, but you will get a link forMX Player. The link will bring you directlt toPlay Store.
  • Next, just click that link.
  • Finally, you can install the MX Player just like other applications which are provided on Apps Pay Store.

Download BlueStacks for Mac

Maybe there will be a question about MX Player which is available for Mac Computers. Unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’. Therefore, it is not possible to install it by using iTunes, but you can get similar media players. The similar one is MX video player. However, it should be admitted that it does not come from popular developer.

Download MX Player for MAC

There are only two optionsof MX player on MAC

VLC Media Player

mx player download – It is already known as a media player which can play all types vodeo an audio files. VLC media player has codec pack which has been created by best developers. You will find the settings and preferences of VLC media player offer many opstions, and it makes VLC for being the best media player for MAC.

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By using this player, the users can downloadsubtitle even when it playback. Besides, it is possible for us to do track synchronization. Live streaming is also available if you use internet connection. In conclusion, VLC Player for Mac is remarkable with its cool features.

KM Player

MX Player for MAC – KM Player it has offered a very nicefeature, howeverKM Player isnew in the league. The escape buttons on KM Player, able to you to to minimize the player. Moreover, it is also available to do a live streaming. The appearance of gray color skin makes KM player looks attractive. Although it should be admitted that the performance of the KM player is not as good as VLC, but some good features make it unique.

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Those are some good alternatives to MX Player which are compatible in Mac versions. So, you may just try them out. Happy trying and enjoying the application.

MX Player APK Download For Mac

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”MX Player 1.9.16 (New)” ]

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”MX Player (X86)” ]


Note : To install on Windows and Mac you must install the Bluestacks

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