MX Player Guide to Download and Adjust Movie

MX Player Guide to Download and Adjust Movie

Video Player for Android

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1. Opening Subtitle

The first thing is you get the subtitle on your device. And please follow the intruction bellow:

– Transfer the file of subtitle into mobile or into your device.

– Then, turn on MX Player and open the video file.

– Tap on the screen of video playback to have extra options.

– Find three dots at the screen. It will give you the access to get more features.

– To find an option ‘Subtitle’, tap on the three-dots-button.

– Choose ‘Open’ to select the proper subtitle file.

2. Downloading Subtitle

After opening subtitle, the second step is by downloading subtitles from the web for MX Player. It will be necessary for you to search the subtitle from internet, if you don’t have any subtitle file.

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Here is the technical step:

First, open APK, tap on three-dots-button, choose Subtitle, go to Online Subtitles, then Search.

After yo done with the step, next you need to turn on a popup window now with a checkbox to have a text box. It will be used to search for the subtitle. Then, MX player will give you a set of suitable subtitles.

3.Adjusting Subtitle

The last step is by adjusting subtitles on MX Player Download . In some cases, the subtitle does not display the text on time. It will lead a trouble in understanding the content of movie. That will be a disturbance of our enjoyment. So, to make the subtitle are synchron,  you can use subtitle menu. We can also adjust the speed of displaying subtitle to get maximum result.

It is also possible for us to adjust the position of the text. You just must tap and then drag the text to your desired-position. If you want to change the font, color, or shadow style, you can follow this step: tap on the three-dots-button, choose Subtitle, then go to Settings. Now, you can customize the subtitle as you want.

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I do not think that those steps are difficult to apply, am I right? Configuring subtitles is so easy. Those are some actions you need to do in order to customize the subtitles on MX Player for Android.

If you mind downloading the subtitle from the video player interface, you can search it by using your search engine as well. Then you will find number of links in your browser. MX Player offers many of the subtitle formats which never let you find any problem with that.

            Is it clear? So, you do not to be worry or confused for getting problem with subtitle. Then, your movie will be more enjoyable. Finally, I will be very glad if you do not mind to share this article to your family and friends. Happy enjoying. Happy sharing.

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